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IT consulting

We use our IT experience to help you solve practical issues as well as big challenges in your business.

Owing to the range of our services, management experience and the VGD Group background we are able to help clients solve complex issues which go beyond the standard tasks of an IT vendor.

We help VGD Technologies’ clients set a long-term IT strategy, consider IT aspects when making key decisions and achieve higher efficiency through process optimization.

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Strategic consulting with VGD Technologies


IT contract negotiation

We will represent your interests when negotiating contracts to purchase hardware, software and services. We will prepare tender documents and will help you hold and evaluate your tenders.


M&A consulting

When it comes to mergers and acquisitions, IT is one of the key areas. A business merger can only be successful if all parts of the business are well integrated. We will develop and implement an IT strategy that reflects the goals of your merger.


Migration to cloud environment

For the vast majority of companies, moving data and applications to the cloud is an effective way to reduce its IT operations costs while increasing the quality of services provided internally. We will help you design and execute such change.


IT operation optimization

Usually, significant potential is hidden in day-to-day IT operations. We will help you optimize your IT processes to make them faster, more efficient and as effortless as possible. We will proceed through the modernization of your IT infrastructure, hardware unification and the optimization of software licenses.

The clients we serve include e.g.

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