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About us – VGD Technologies
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We give people opportunities to use their skills in areas they choose.

Every employee has the opportunity to choose the direction they want to grow at VGD. Through our micro-teams we learn from each other and we can participate in any project outside our main specialisation. In an environment where people are willing to share their experience and knowledge, we can grow together. As individuals and as a company.


Our teammates are the most important indicator

We carefully select teammates who fit our corporate culture, are open to dialogue and think about what they do.




We respect freedom at work and the opportunity to organise our own time and tasks. Responsibility is the tool that makes this system work. It wouldn’t be possible without it.



An honest person is honest everywhere. At home, with their teammates, at work and with clients. Honest people inspire others, fuse the team together and make the world a better place.


Openness and communication

We have a lot of debates, not only about our work, but also about our corporate culture and everything we share. Two heads are better than one, but different opinions can create obstacles. Long and exhausting discussions are not the exception at VGD. But the energy we invest into them often generates new ideas, mutual understanding and the knowledge that what we do and how we do it make sense.



We value people who carefully consider their work, reach beyond their own sphere to other industry branches and readily spot where improvements can be made.


Friendliness and a human touch

There is nothing better than when someone makes you a cup of coffee just the way you like it during a tough time.



The desire to make things better means that you enjoy what you do and that you go the extra mile. Innovation is just a by-product.

Meet our team

Martin.střed-2 Martin_střed_jpg-2
Martin Brabenec
IMG_8844_0012_Vrstva 12 IMG_8844_0013_Vrstva 19
Eva Martinová
Data Analyst
IMG_8844_0010_Vrstva 11 IMG_8844_0011_Vrstva 13
Honza Vejsada
System Administrator
Aneta Balíková
Office Manager
IMG_8844_0002_Vrstva 17 IMG_8844_0003_Vrstva 16
Krumer Leoš
System Administrator
IMG_8844_0004_Vrstva 9 IMG_8844_0005_Vrstva 3 kopie
Martinec Jan
System Administrator
IMG_8844_0006_Vrstva 10 kopie IMG_8844
Razím Adam
System Administrator

I appreciate the freedom and trust that VGD gives me.

Why work at VGD Technologies?

We tackle needs, not problems. Be it the needs of our clients, or the satisfaction of our employees. We can always settle on a solution. You can expect challenges, continuous improvement, skill expansion, stepping outside your comfort zone, and a great team! You will be able to participate in a number of projects at the global and national levels. You will actively help shape your own job as well as business operations. And last but not least, there are regular team building activities and also a comprehensive internal wiki where you can find everything – and more.

Help us create IT with a human touch

I am thankful for support during professional challenges.